Friday, January 22, 2010

Boston Brass
at Depaul School of Music
Saturday, January 22nd, 2010
This great quintet will be on campus to share a performance / masterclass, for our students and open to the public.

From their website: ( )

Boston Brass is setting new standards in entertainment. From exciting classical arrangements, to breathtaking vocal harmony, to burning jazz standards, Boston Brass achieves new levels in brass performance while treating audiences to a unique musical experience that captivates all ages. The ensemble's lively repartee, touched with humor and personality, bridges the vast ocean of classical formality to delight audiences to an evening of boisterous fun, exciting knowledge and an enthusiastic love of music, deftly exhibited by five brash brass players. Boston Brass has transcended the traditional mores of brass ensemble literature and, with a host of original arrangements, has pioneered a new generation of music that sets out to achieve one simple goal: entertain at all costs with blistering precision. Whether they are performing solo or with a symphony orchestra, the fun and emotion exhibited from this group is uniquely infectious and keeps audiences on their feet, demanding encore after encore.

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