Thursday, April 23, 2009

ESO on WFMT 98.7 tomorrow night 4/24/09 at 8pm

The Elgin Symphony will be on WFMT 98.7 tomorrow night - Friday, April 24 at 8pm.  This season's Classic 4 concert will be broadcast.
January 5-8, 2009
Alastair Willis, Conductor
Yolanda Kondonassis, Harp
Piazzola       Tangazo
Ginestera     Concerto for Harp
Beethoven    Symphony No. 6 "Pastoral"

This concert marked my Elgin Symphony debut on tenor trombone.  Being that Mr. Beethoven did not see it in his heart to include a bass trombone part in his "Pastoral" Symphony and our regular second trombonist was on leave this season!

Enjoy the broadcast!

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