Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Non-Classic Bass Trombone

Most bass trombonists need no introdution to Eliezer Aharoni's New Method for the Modern Bass Trombone.  Last Year he followed up this very important and valuable work with a new and completely different method book, The Non-Classic Bass Trombone.  I have just recently aquired it and am working my way thru it. This is a very important book for anyone to have, especially students who are working to be more complete players.  I will have a more formal review posted here soon. You can order both books from Hickey's Music Online. In the meantime, Mr. Aharoni was kind enough to send along these videos of himself and Micha Davis performing material from the book.


Funkey Blues

A Weird Ballad

Duet 1

Duet 3 (In Latin Style)

The Mute Shop (Part 1)

The Mute Shop (Part 2)

The Mute Shop (Part 3)

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