Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sam Burtis/David Taylor Masterclass

Tom Matta, over at Depaul University, just sent this out this info about an upcoming masterclass. I strongly encourage all to attend. Thanks Tom!

Greetings all:
On Saturday, May 19, a very special event will take place at the DePaul School of Music, and I want to invite all interested trombonists to attend.
Trombonists Sam Burtis and David Taylor will be on campus to present a masterclass / workshop, and in addition, have time for perhaps one or two private lessons*** to interested folks.
This event is open to the public, free, and frankly, a “don’t miss” kind of event! Please spread the word to all your trombone playing friends, colleagues, and students.

These two extraordinarily talented musicians are in town at the Symphony Center on May 18 as part of a national tour of the Charles Mingus Epitaph - an 85th Birthday Anniversary Tribute conducted by Gunther Schuller. We are very fortunate to have these gentlemen visiting our campus the following day - a special treat indeed!

***If you are interested in a private lesson with either Mr. Burtis or Mr. Taylor, please get in touch with me ( tmatta1@depaul.edu ) as soon as possible, and I will put you in touch with either Sam / Dave and let you work out the details on price, etc.
“Sam and Dave Show”
with Sam Burtis, trombone; and David Taylor, bass trombone
Saturday, May 19, 2007
DePaul School of Music, Room #103
11:00am - 1:00pm
804 W. Belden
Chicago, IL 60614
Free admission!!
Bring your horns!!
Thomas Matta
Visiting Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies
(773) 325-4389 office
For those of you living in a cave for the last 40 years, here is some info on the artists – links to their respective websites:



Thomas Matta
Visiting Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies
DePaul University
School of Music
804 W. Belden, Room #326
Chicago, IL 60614

(773) 325-4389 – office
(773) 325-7263 – fax

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